Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum: Top Choices for 2023

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Above-ground pools are a popular option for those looking to enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool without the expense and permanence of an in-ground pool. One of the essential aspects of maintaining a clean and enjoyable swimming experience is keeping the pool free of debris and dirt. This is where an above-ground pool vacuum comes in handy. These vacuums are specifically designed to navigate and clean above-ground pool surfaces quickly and efficiently.

Selecting the best above-ground pool vacuum involves considering factors such as ease of use, cleaning ability, compatibility with the pool’s pump and filter system, and durability. A good pool vacuum should not only effectively pick up debris but also provide an easy setup and maintenance process. In addition, it should be compatible with a range of pool sizes and shapes, ensuring that it will work seamlessly in your specific pool.

When choosing an above ground pool vacuum, it’s crucial to pay attention to the type of debris it can handle – from microscopic particles to larger leaves and twigs, as well as the method of propulsion. Some vacuums use existing pool circulation while others have their motor. Also, consider the compatibility with your pool’s pump system, as some vacuums may require a more powerful pump to function correctly.

With these factors in mind, I spent numerous hours researching and testing various above-ground pool vacuums to identify the top choices that make pool maintenance easy and efficient. Keep reading as I share my findings and recommendations for the best above-ground pool vacuum options available.

Best Above Ground Pool Vacuums

I’ve compiled a list of the best above-ground pool vacuums to help you keep your pool clean and well-maintained. Check out my top picks below.

Kokido XTROVAC 110 Rechargeable Pool Vacuum

Kokido XTROVAC 110

This Kokido XTROVAC 110 vacuum is a convenient and efficient choice for keeping your above-ground pool, inground pool, or hot tub clean.


  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adjustable aluminum pole


  • May not handle small particles well
  • Limited runtime per charge
  • Not suitable for larger pools

I recently got my hands on the Kokido XTROVAC 110 rechargeable pool vacuum, and its cordless design made the cleaning process hassle-free. I no longer had to deal with any messy hoses or cords. After a full charge, it provided me with nearly 40 minutes of runtime, which was enough time for spot cleaning. However, for larger pools, this may not be adequate.

The vacuum is lightweight, weighing in at just 2.58 pounds, and its portability makes it a breeze to maneuver while cleaning. It comes with an adjustable aluminum pole with a range of 1.5 to 6 feet, which allows me to reach those tricky corners and stairs with ease.

The XTROVAC 110 comes with two brush heads – a triangular suction head and a flat brush. This versatility helped with effectively picking up various debris like pine straw, leaf fragments, dead bugs, coarse sand, and small leaves. However, it struggled a bit with smaller particles like dirt, which tended to pass through the internal filter.

All in all, the Kokido XTROVAC 110 rechargeable pool vacuum is a great option for small pools or hot tubs. Its cordless design, lightweight build, and adjustable pole make it a convenient tool for regular pool maintenance. Just be prepared to spend a little extra time cleaning up smaller debris or tackling a larger pool area.

POOLAZA Portable Pool Vacuum Jet Underwater Cleaner (2023 Upgrade)

POOLAZA Portable Pool Vacuum

The POOLAZA Portable Pool Vacuum is an easy-to-use solution for above-ground pool owners looking for efficient and convenient underwater cleaning.


  • Efficient suction effect without electricity
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Safe for all pool liners, including vinyl


  • Requires a garden hose for function
  • May be less effective for large debris
  • Aluminum poles could be sturdier

I recently gave the POOLAZA Portable Pool Vacuum a try and was impressed with its performance. The upgraded twist lock design ensures the debris-collecting bag stays secure and is easy to use. The suction effect created by water pressure from my garden hose picked up stains, leaves, and smaller stones from the bottom of my pool without the need for electricity.

The vacuum is portable and simple to assemble and disassemble, which makes it easy to store without taking up too much space. The included 56″ aluminum pole and three bottom brushes help reach all corners of my pool, and the fact that it’s safe for pool liners, such as vinyl, put me at ease while using it.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. The vacuum requires a garden hose for suction and may not be as effective in picking up larger debris. Furthermore, the aluminum pole could be sturdier for an improved overall experience.

Overall, the POOLAZA Portable Pool Vacuum Jet Underwater Cleaner is a great option for those looking for a convenient and efficient solution to cleaning their above-ground pools, spas, or ponds. Considering the performance and ease of use, I would recommend this pool vacuum for small to medium-sized pool owners.

Grennix Robot Pool Cleaner

Grennix Robot Pool Cleaner

I recommend the Grennix Robot Pool Cleaner for its cordless convenience and strong suction, making pool maintenance much easier.


  • Cordless and easy to use
  • Strong suction power with 6000Pa
  • Versatile for above-ground and in-ground pools


  • Best suited for flat-bottom pools
  • Might require frequent emptying
  • Wheels may struggle with uneven surfaces

I recently tried the Grennix Robot Pool Cleaner in my above-ground pool, and I must say, I’m impressed. The cordless design is incredibly convenient, and the strong suction power makes it very effective at picking up debris. With dual motors and 6000Pa of suction, the vacuum easily captures dirt, leaves, and sand. But note that it’s best suited for flat-bottomed pools, as it may have difficulty navigating uneven surfaces.

One thing I appreciate about this cleaner is its versatility. It works well for both above-ground and in-ground pools up to 645 sq. ft. in size and a depth of up to 3 meters. I have used it in my friend’s in-ground pool as well, and it performed just as efficiently. However, it can get weighed down if there’s a considerable amount of sand or debris, requiring frequent emptying.

Lastly, the Grennix Robot Pool Cleaner’s battery life is impressive with a run-time of 60-75 minutes on a single charge that takes about 2.3 hours. It comes with a complete accessory package to make your pool maintenance tasks effortless. Just bear in mind that the wheels’ casters are fixed, so it might not roll smoothly over bumps or uneven surfaces.

Overall, the Grennix Robot Pool Cleaner is a great investment for those seeking an efficient and cordless pool vacuum for easy maintenance. Just remember to keep an eye on the debris buildup and make sure your pool bottom is relatively flat for optimal performance.

Intex 28005E ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner

Intex 28005E ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner

I believe this pool cleaner is great for keeping your above-ground pool spick and span, but consider some potential drawbacks before purchasing.


  • Powerful 700 gal/hour water-powered suction
  • Water-powered all-wheel drive for swift cleaning and wall-climbing
  • Fine 6ga (0.15mm) mesh filter for capturing fine debris


  • Requires Intex pump with a flow rate between 1,600-3,500 gal/hour
  • Not suitable for Intex Easy Set Pools or inflatable top ring pools
  • For use with Intex above-ground pools with PVC liners and 1.5in threaded inlet fittings ONLY

I recently used the Intex 28005E ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner in my above-ground pool, and I must say that its 700 gal/hour water-powered suction is genuinely efficient. It quickly removed debris and dirt from the bottom surface of my pool, making the maintenance process much smoother.

The water-powered all-wheel drive feature comes in quite handy, allowing the pool cleaner to climb the walls and reach otherwise difficult-to-access areas. Its rotating dual scrubbers in combination with the fine mesh filter effectively capture even the tiniest dirt particles, ensuring my pool stays as clean as possible.

However, it’s essential to note that you’ll need an Intex pump with a flow rate between 1,600-3,500 gal/hour for this pool cleaner to function effectively. I noticed it’s not compatible with Intex Easy Set Pools or pools with inflatable top rings, which limits its usability for some pool types. Additionally, you can only use it with Intex above-ground pools with PVC liners and 1.5in threaded inlet fittings.

Overall, the Intex 28005E ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner is an excellent investment for those with compatible pools who want to keep their above-ground pool clean and well-maintained. Just be prepared to deal with some compatibility limitations if you have a different type of pool.

Likjhbn Cordless Pool Vacuum

Likjhbn Cordless Pool Vacuum

This cordless pool vacuum’s ultra-cleaning performance is a game-changer – perfect for maintaining above-ground and in-ground pools.


  • Cordless and hassle-free operation
  • Ultra cleaning performance with dual motors
  • 120 minutes long runtime with a powerful battery


  • Doesn’t climb walls or steps
  • Charges best in a dry and ventilated area
  • May miss spots occasionally

I recently had the chance to try out the Likjhbn Cordless Pool Vacuum, and I must say I’m impressed. With powerful dual-drive motors, this robotic pool vacuum efficiently captures dirt, sand, and debris, leaving my pool sparkling clean. The 180µm fine filter and bottom assist scraper enhance its cleaning performance, making it highly effective in capturing even small particles.

The cordless design is a major advantage, as I no longer need to wrestle with tangled cords or worry about power shortages while cleaning my pool. Simply submerging the vacuum in water initiates the cleaning process, making the entire process hassle-free. With its upgraded 5200mAh battery, the vacuum lasts for up to 120 minutes, allowing me to clean my pool without needing to recharge constantly.

However, it is important to note that the vacuum doesn’t climb walls or steps and may occasionally miss spots during the cleaning process. Charging in a dry and ventilated area is essential for optimal performance. Even with these considerations, I highly recommend the Likjhbn Cordless Pool Vacuum for anyone with an above-ground or in-ground pool, as it offers an efficient, hassle-free cleaning experience, transforming pool maintenance and providing a valuable investment.

Hayward W3900 Wanda the Whale Above-Ground Pool Vacuum

Hayward Wanda the Whale Pool Vacuum

Wanda the Whale is a reliable above-ground pool cleaner that quickly and effectively removes debris, though it may have some minor drawbacks.


  • Works in various pool sizes and shapes
  • Features quiet and gentle movement
  • Efficiently covers the entire pool with SmartDrive technology


  • Tail attachment issues
  • No handle for easy removal from the pool
  • Possible inconsistency in performance

When I used Wanda the Whale pool cleaner, I found it very easy to install; it took me less than 10 minutes to connect the 32 ft. hose directly to the skimmer without any tools. I appreciated that there was no need for additional equipment, which meant no extra hassle or cost. The installation process was truly hassle-free.

The patented SmartDrive technology worked wonders as it efficiently cleaned the bottom of my above-ground pool. It indeed didn’t leave any debris behind, which pleased me. Wanda the Whale was also surprisingly quiet while operating and improved my pool’s circulation by pulling water from the bottom. It effectively moved around walls, steps, and ladders in my pool, thanks to the deluxe bumper ring.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks I noticed during my experience with Wanda the Whale. The tail would occasionally come off, which might be a minor inconvenience for some users. Also, the lack of a handle on the cleaner made it a bit more challenging to remove it from the pool.

In conclusion, Wanda the Whale is definitely a useful tool for those looking to keep their above-ground pools clean without spending too much time and effort. Its excellent cleaning performance and efficiency outweigh the minor issues that could be easily overlooked. If you’re in the market for a quality above-ground pool cleaner, give Hayward W3900 Wanda the Whale a try.

TASVAC Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

TASVAC Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

The TASVAC Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is a solid choice for maintaining flat above-ground or inground pools, offering powerful performance and hassle-free operation.


  • Cordless design for hassle-free operation
  • 5200mAh battery with 90 minutes of runtime
  • Self-parking function for easy retrieval


  • Not suitable for sloped pools
  • May require frequent filter cleaning
  • Takes 5 hours for a full charge

I recently tried the TASVAC Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner and was impressed with its powerful performance. The strong motors and two suction inlets allowed it to efficiently capture and filter dirt, leaves, and debris in my flat above-ground pool.

The cordless design is a significant advantage. I didn’t need to deal with any pumps, messy hoses, or tangled cords. All I had to do was turn on the device, submerge it in the pool, and let it do its job. The 5200mAh 6-cell rechargeable battery provided up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted runtime, which was enough to clean my pool thoroughly.

One feature I found particularly useful was the self-parking function. When the battery ran low, or the cleaning task was finished, the robotic cleaner automatically parked itself alongside the edge of the pool, making it easy for me to grab and pull the floating bracelet to retrieve it without getting wet.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. First, it’s important to note that this cleaner is only suitable for flat pools – it won’t work on pools with slopes. Additionally, I found that the filter needed to be cleaned quite frequently, but this is a minor inconvenience considering the overall benefits. Lastly, it takes about 5 hours to charge fully, so you may need to plan ahead when scheduling your pool maintenance.

Overall, the TASVAC Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is a valuable addition to my pool maintenance routine, offering excellent cleaning performance in a convenient, hassle-free design.

WYBOT Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

WYBOT Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

The WYBOT Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner provides efficient cleaning with a cordless design, making it a solid option for above ground and in-ground pools up to 525 sq.ft.


  • The cordless design avoids tangling
  • Efficient cleaning with dual-motor power
  • Smart navigation technology


  • Battery life may be shorter than expected
  • Might struggle on uneven pool surfaces
  • Recommended pool size may limit versatility

When I first used the WYBOT Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, I appreciated the sleek design and cordless functionality that allowed for more freedom of movement. The built-in battery powered this cleaner effectively, and the absence of cords helped eliminate the risk of accidental electrocution or tangled cords.

The dual-motor power and 180µm fine filter contributed to strong suction, making it easier to pick up dust, sand, and small debris. I found the cleaner’s smart navigation technology useful when it encountered walls – it would automatically reverse to avoid getting stuck. However, on the downside, if the pool surface was uneven, it occasionally struggled to maintain efficiency.

Weighing just 7.9lbs, I found the WYBOT Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner easy to maneuver and remove from the pool after use. Moreover, the hooks provided made it simple to attach the cleaner to a standard pool pole.

While the WYBOT Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is suggested for pools up to 500 sq. ft, it might not be the ideal choice if you have a larger pool. The battery life, although adequate, may sometimes be shorter than expected, so ensure the cleaner is fully charged before use.

In conclusion, the WYBOT Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner offers a convenient and efficient way to clean above-ground and in-ground pools up to 525 sq. ft. While it may struggle on uneven surfaces and has a few limitations, the cordless design, smart navigation technology, and strong suction make it a valuable addition to your pool maintenance routine.

Buying Guide

When I’m looking for the best above-ground pool vacuum, there are several key features to consider. It’s essential to choose a product that will efficiently clean my pool, is reliable, and is within my budget.

The first thing I consider is the vacuum type. There are three main types of above-ground pool vacuums:

  1. Manual vacuums: They require me to move the vacuum head along the pool floor physically. While they’re inexpensive, they demand more time and effort.
  2. Automatic suction vacuums: They attach to the pool’s existing filtration system, using the suction to move around and collect debris.
  3. Robotic vacuums: The most advanced type, which is self-contained and operates independently from the pool’s filtration system.

Next, I look into the vacuum’s cleaning performance. It’s crucial to ensure that the vacuum I choose can effectively remove various types of debris like dirt, sand, leaves, and algae. Moreover, I consider the vacuum’s ability to reach all areas of my pool, including corners and steps.

Another essential factor is the vacuum’s compatibility with my pool size. I make sure to pick a vacuum that can efficiently clean the entire pool without any hindrance. The vacuum’s cable length and hose length (if applicable) also play a vital role in my decision.

Ease of use and maintenance is another important aspect. I prefer a vacuum that’s easy to set up and operate, with minimal assistance required. Additionally, I opt for a model that doesn’t require frequent maintenance or extensive cleaning.

Finally, I consider the cost and warranty of the vacuum. While price plays a significant role in my decision, I don’t let it be the sole determining factor. I aim for a balance between quality and affordability. Additionally, a vacuum with a solid warranty and good customer support gives me peace of mind.

By carefully evaluating these features, I can confidently choose the best above-ground pool vacuum to suit my needs.

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After installing my pool I discovered that keeping it clean (and safe for my 2 kids) is not something as trivial as sweeping the floor.
I went deep into this myself and I'll share my knowledge with you so that you can start with a clean pool.

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After installing my pool I discovered that keeping it clean (and safe for my 2 kids) is not something as trivial as sweeping the floor.
I went deep into this myself and I’ll share my knowledge with you so that you can start with a clean pool.

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