5 Best Pool Vacuums for a Spotless and Well Maintained Pool

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Owning a pool is everyone’s dream, and if you are lucky enough to have one, you must take up the maintenance task and keep the pool looking awesome.


The best part is there are quality and vacuum pool cleaners to help you maintain and keep the pool spotlessly clean.


A good pool vacuum cleans up all debris, algae, leaves, and grass. Ensure the cleaner fits well with the size of your pool too.


There are different types of vacuum pool cleaners from pressure side, robotic or suction side pumps that are automatic or manual.


It’s worth investing in a pool cleaning machine that will save your energy and time and keep your pool well maintained.

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Summary: Best Pool Vacuums


Model  Features 
Best  Cordless

PAXCESS Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

-Super cleaning experience

-5000mAh lithium battery

-Water resistant battery

Best Robotic

Dolphin Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner


-Three active brushes

-Power saving 

Best Suction Side

AIPER Cordless Pool Cleaner


-2 effective motors

-Built-in lithium battery

Best for Small Pools

POOL BLASTER Cordless Pool Cleaner


-detachable head

-Unique canister chambers

Best Budget

VINGLI Pool Vacuum Cleaner

-Low noise

-Wheel deflectors

-Scuff resistant hoses


Best Pool Vacuums – Our Top 5 Picks

1. Best Cordless: PAXCESS Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

If you look forward to getting a super cleaning experience, PAXCESS has its technology to the best level for the best output. The cordless pool cleaner works perfectly for a maximum of 100m2 for both inground and above-ground pools.


For maximum output in your cleaning, don’t use the restraint of the power cord and use the 5000mAh lithium battery that can last up to 90 minutes.


You should have no worries about using the battery; it’s water-resistant and not connected to an electric outlet for increased mobility.


Its speed and frequency are excellent at approximately 16m/min, giving your pool a deep cleaning within a short time saving your time and energy for other activities.


The cleaner weighs 12lb, making it convenient for the elderly and women to remove it from the pool. It can climb a maximum of 15 degrees of the pool slope.

2. Best Robotic: Dolphin Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

The pool vacuum cleaner provides an interactive cleaning session since it’s Wi-Fi-connected, which allows you to plan and set your cleaning schedule.


Additionally, you can download the MyDolphin Plus App on your phone to help you in your cleaning cycles, spot clean, or delay your session.


The powerful motors installed in the cleaner will deliver a triple threat cleaning action enhanced by three scrubbing brushes and excellent filtering capabilities.


It’s easy to use the robotic vacuum cleaner, and you will feel like cleaning your pool every time. The robot equipment provides a masterful cleaning to the walls, waterlines, and floor.


With the cleaner working independently from the pool’s system, all you need is to plug and start cleaning without worrying about external factors such as damaged pumps. You can control it from anywhere.


It’s power-saving too, with an average cost of 5 cents per hour, not forgetting about its long-lasting nature. You don’t need an extra pump or hoses to boost the cleaner’s effectiveness.


3. Best Suction Side: AIPER Cordless Pool Cleaner

Aiper delivers the best vacuum cleaner with great intelligence for quick and agile cleaning, removing any form of dirt and debris in the pool.


Its speed is approximately 16meter/min covering 50m2 per 50 minutes, making it a significant investment that will save on your time and effort.


You will experience a powerful cleaning as the machine has two upgraded and efficient motors for easier cleaning.


It has a built-in lithium battery which lasts longer before recharging, and the pool takes only three to four hours to recharge compared to others that take up to eight hours.


Additionally, its filtration system is excellent and improves water circulation through the two doors that suck all dust particles and debris from your pool.


The large filter tray makes it easy to clean and remove any trapped debris. Use your water pipe to clean the tray for a sparkling result.

4. Best for Small Pools: POOL BLASTER Cordless Pool Cleaner

The rechargeable pool cleaner will give your pool a clean look. The handle makes your cleaning experience easier.


Its lithium-ion-powered battery has a great run time of four hours and takes four hours to recharge.


When it comes to capturing dirt, debris leaves, twigs, and dead algae in the pool, the cleaner has XL debris capture chambers.


Removing the dirt from the chambers is easy since it has unique canister chambers that adopt the dual cam-lever connection for emptying and cleaning.


Its vacuum head is detachable, making it easier to reach all surfaces, keeping both inground and above the ground pool spotlessly clean.


In this pack, you will find a soft bristle brush, wall charger, crevice corner nozzles, and a reusable multilayer filter bag.

5. Best Budget: VINGLI Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Vingli has designed its pool cleaner to work perfectly with excellent suction power and ensure it doesn’t stick on the pool surface.


It works perfectly for inground pools and cleaning them thoroughly without leaving out the walls, removing all debris and dirt.


The wheel deflectors that touch all of the tight corners are well taken care of, and the scuff-resistant hose removes any scuffs in the pool.


With this cleaner, your life becomes easier; you can quickly clean the pool without experiencing interruptions or jamming in your work.


It operates with low noise compared to the automatic pool cleaners, making the environment cool.


The machine works well at a minimum flow of 1700gal/hr; for good results, consider adjusting the regulator valves and the weights for efficient pool cleaning.


It’s the best budget pool cleaner to consider and comes with ten hoses, one weight, a diaphragm, and a regulating valve. You can reduce or add the hoses to the desired size.


For excellent usage, ensure there’s no air in the pipe before you start using it and that the pressure is normal with no leaks.

Final Word

When choosing your best vacuum pool cleaner, ensure you consider the size of your pool; a small manual cleaner won’t work well for a giant-sized pool. The weight should be a factor as big models make it harder to use, get a lightweight for easier lifting. 


If you choose a machine that uses a battery, look for a long-lasting one that will clean the entire pool without recharging. All the best in your choice.


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Elijah Brook

Elijah Brook

After installing my pool I discovered that keeping it clean (and safe for my 2 kids) is not something as trivial as sweeping the floor.
I went deep into this myself and I'll share my knowledge with you so that you can start with a clean pool.

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After installing my pool I discovered that keeping it clean (and safe for my 2 kids) is not something as trivial as sweeping the floor.
I went deep into this myself and I’ll share my knowledge with you so that you can start with a clean pool.

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