6 Best Pool Vacuum Heads to Leave Your Pool Spotless Without Struggle

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Enjoying time in your pool is one thing, but cleaning it is another. Swimming in a clean pool saves you from potential germs spread by dirty water; that is why it is advisable to clean the pool at least once a week.

When cleaning using a vacuum cleaner, the type of head you use matters a lot. A good vacuum head should leave the pool spotlessly clean in the shortest time possible without a struggle.

But wait, here is the hitch! Getting a good vacuum cleaner in the current market is almost impossible.

But after going through this piece, getting a vacuum head should not be an issue. Keep reading!

Summary: Best Vacuum Heads 

Model Features
Best Suction Capability

Hayward Pool Cleaner

  • Pattened v-flex turbine technology
  • Interchangeable throats
  • Hogh-traction Tires
  • Adjustable Roller Skirt
Best for Vinyl Liner Pool

Sepetrel Triangular Pool Cleaner

  • Corner Type Brush
  • Rotatable Hose Adapter
  • Brush Roller
  • Weighted Body
Best for Durability

Poolmaster Deluxe Pool Vacuum 

  • Tension Spring
  • Air Relief Valves
  • Deluxe Bristles
Best for in-ground Swimming Pool

Milliard Pool Vacuum Head

  • Weighted Materials
  • Triangular Shape
  • Unique Bristles
Best Stylish Design

Poolwhale See-through Vacuum Head

  • Fishtail Handle
  • ABS Plastic
  • Translucent
Best for Small Pools

Jumbo Rectangle Vacuum Pool Head

  • Nylon Side Bristles
  • Rubber Bumpers

Best Pool Vacuum Heads – Our Top 6 Picks


1. Best Suction Capability: Hayward Pool Cleaner

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner head that performs optimally in the presence of large debris without clogging, Hayward pool cleaner should be your number one choice.

This vacuum head contains patented v-flex variable vane turbine technology that eliminates debris while maximizing power at any flow. It also contains three interchangeable throats that improve suction performance while managing debris passage.

Hayward pool cleaner is also made with patented high-traction tires with rugged treads. These rare tires provide superior climbing power on almost any surface, making cleaning fast.

Its adjustable roller skirt is made to maintain suction power on uneven surfaces. This roller skirt ensures you clean the pool with zero struggles on non-level surfaces.

2. Best for Vinyl Liner Pool: Sepetrel Triangular Pool Cleaner

With Sepetrel triangular pool cleaner, cleaning a vinyl liner pool should be a problem of the past. Due to its corner-type brush placement, you can easily clean corners and tight spaces without scratching the pool liner.

This pool head comes with a rotatable hose adapter. The rotatability enables you to avoid twisting and kinking the hose while cleaning.

Sepetrel pool cleaner also has a brush and roller at the bottom. The bottom positioning is efficient while cleaning the pool as you can clean the bottom easily without a struggle.

This pool head also comes with a weighted body. This body type helps you keep in contact with the pool bottom and contains drainage holes to avoid unnecessary rusting.

3. Best for Durability: Poolmaster Deluxe Pool Vacuum  

Suppose you are looking for a pool head that will serve you for a long time and give you outstanding cleaning results consistently, look no further. Poolmaster has what you need!

Its tension spring and all the metal parts are stainless steel. This material keeps rust far away from all metal parts, making it last longer.

This vacuum cleaner contains two air relief valves that adjust the hose adapter’s suction strength and swivel function. The air relief valves allow you to choose the type of suction strength you want while making rotation easier.

The Poolmaster vacuum head also has deluxe bristles along the perimeter and underside made of nylon. These bristles are many and provide reliable cleaning ability leaving no debris behind.

4. Best for in-ground Swimming Pools: Milliard Pool Vacuum Head

Cleaning in-ground swimming pools can prove to be a daunting task without a strong vacuum head. But worry no more, Milliard vacuum head is there to save you the trouble.

Milliard vacuum head is made of weighted materials capable of sinking and staying below pool water. This weight enables you to clean the bottom parts of the pool easily.

Its triangular shape makes it easy to maneuver pool corners and walls. This shape helps ensure every corner in the pool is left spotless regardless of the shape.

Milliard vacuum bristles are arranged at a unique angle on the three corners of the triangular heads. These bristles sweep along the pool corners and provide effective cleaning for difficult places.

5. Best Stylish Design: Poolwhale See-Though Vacuum Head

Get to clean your pool with Poolwhale see-through vacuum head design. This vacuum head is made in a triangular shape with a see-through plastic that is light blue. This see-through feature is an attractive design to make your cleaning session worth it.

It is made of a fishtail EZ clip handle that connects to the pole. This fishtail prevents fingers from getting hurt by the pole’s sharp end.

This vacuum head is molded from ABS plastic to resist typical drop pressure, scrapes, and bumps. Its translucent body allows you to see through, making targeting hidden dirt underground an easy job.

The Poolwhale vacuum head is small and lightweight but amply weighted to maintain contact with the pool floor. Its lightweight makes it easy to push it around, while its weight helps clean the floor easier without leaving snags or scrapes on the surface.

6. Best for Small Pools: Jumbo Rectangle Vacuum Pool Head

Baby pools, too, deserve proper cleaning maintenance to keep babies and beginners free from sickness caused by dirty water. This can only be made possible with a Jumbo rectangle vacuum pool head.

Its body is well-weighted to maintain contact with the bottom of the pool. This feature ensures the pool floor is free from debris that can cause injuries if not removed.

The bottom side also has side bristles made from nylon material. These bristles scrub off all the dirt and stain accumulated on the pool surfaces leaving the pool sparkling clean.

The rubber bumpers at the side prevent the scraping of pool liners. In this way, you get to maintain the attractiveness of the baby pool, making it maintain its new status for a more extended time.

Wrap up

When choosing a pool head for your vacuum pool cleaning duties, it is advisable to consider the type of pool you are handling. Some pools cannot be cleaned using stiff bristles as they will cause scratches on the surface.

Pools with vinyl liners would require nylon-made bristles that are not that hard. These nylon bristles ensure the pool surface does not get scratches while cleaning.

It would also be best to consider a vacuum head made of authentic and durable material. This step ensures you get good value for your money, and I promise you the above vacuum heads will not disappoint you. All the best with your choice!





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Elijah Brook

After installing my pool I discovered that keeping it clean (and safe for my 2 kids) is not something as trivial as sweeping the floor.
I went deep into this myself and I'll share my knowledge with you so that you can start with a clean pool.

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After installing my pool I discovered that keeping it clean (and safe for my 2 kids) is not something as trivial as sweeping the floor.
I went deep into this myself and I’ll share my knowledge with you so that you can start with a clean pool.

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